Monday, April 2, 2012

April is for Poetry!

So April is National Poetry Month and I'm actually excited about this because before I wrote books, I wrote poetry. Over the years poetry has meant different things for me and has often been the only way for me to express a lot of the emotions I've gone through as I grew up. I've been to dark places with poetry, happy places, confusing places, and heartbroken places, so my log of poetry is almost like a record of the phases of my life. So for national poetry month I want to share some of my poetry here on the blog. I'm going to post maybe two or three times a week, and I thought I would kick things off by sharing my very first poem. Of course I'm a little hesitant about sharing it but I couldn't think of a better way to start this month of poetry. I wrote it when I was eleven and I can remember writing in while in school and being amazed that I had written it because I had never written a poem before so I was bursting with pride over my little accomplishment. And it rhymed, oh yeah! Anyway, here it is, and look out for more poetry all month long.

The Year Two Thousand and Twenty

When time changes in the not so distant future,
man may be completely ruled by a computer.
Life may be easy for those who think
a machine should instead of a king.
With the tap of a key you could open a world
of complete satisfaction with cyber action.
To be alone you could drift along in space,
or let go let life run its own race.
We would soar full speed ahead into a whole new year,
or go back to the time when dinosaurs were here.
Advanced technology would soar everywhere,
isn't it strange to think of a world so near?
But now turn back the pages to our simple world,
as we await the day when the tide will turn.

Bonus, here's the second poem I wrote, also when I was eleven:

The Loner

With each step taken on the sandy shore
he saw a picture of his life before.
Scenes of sadness flashed before his eyes,
things his heart greatly despised.
These chapters of his life he could never re-read,
for now to live and breathe, he felt no need.
To him life was punishment, why was he here?
Was it only to live in sadness and despair?
Sorrow ruled where joy should reign,
there was no bright side to his life,
just darkness and pain.
So distant was he from the rest of the world,
as he tried to run away from the grief that gripped his soul.

Guess I got sucked into writing darker stuff early?


  1. I think these show a depth beyond the eleven-year-olds I know!

  2. These are definitely impressive for an eleven year old - particularly that second one. There's a real depth of feeling to it.

  3. Hey, you were a pretty philosophical eleven year old. Thanks for a nice share. I love poetry and write it, too, so I'll look forward to reading your grown up work. Nice way topmost in Ril!

  4. Eleven yr old me would have loved to be called philosophical lol. Thanks!