Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Cleaning - new layout, new name

This past weekend I decided to get some spring cleaning underway....starting with my apartment. Not only did I clean, I did some redecoration, and am quite satisfied with the outcome. I also decided to change my blog layout, I enjoyed the cuteness of my previous layout, but just felt like it was time for something new; I get bored with the same old thing after a while. And I also changed my pen name, which I'd been thinking of doing for a while, for various reasons, and I think I'm satisfied with what I came up with. Thus, I think spring cleaning is complete.

Now let's see...what writerly things have I been up to? I realize my last few posts have all been blogfest or giveaway related and I haven't posted anything about my writing life in a bit. For starters I've completed another book, which would be two books written for the year so far. Since finishing it in early March I've been juggling doing edits on it and the novel I wrote before it, so that's been keeping me busy, and I've also been doing some querying, which I always approach with trepidation because it's such a task! There's honing the query, then there's making sure the list of agents to query is in order, then there's tailoring the query to the agent's guidelines, and of course there's making sure the manuscript is in shape. I tell you, I actually prefer agents who just want to see a query letter initially because it's the easiest thing to get out! But alas, most agents want those sample pages, and many also want that damn synopsis, which I do not enjoy writing. I usually get a four page synopsis that I then whittle down to about 3, but I balk at those agents who say they want a 1 to 2 page synopsis, I just can't seem to get mine there, I think it's not possible! Anyway, yeah...querying is a headache inducing process. Not to mention the waiting. The waiting game is truly a painful one.

I also have a couple book ideas tossing around in my head, but I've been doing little more than making notes on them. I don't want to start another book yet because I know it will completely suck me in and my focus will shift from the editing/querying I'm currently doing, so I am forcing myself to stay on course and not write anything new yet. Plus I think I just need a little book writing break, two for the year already is plenty.


  1. I really don't like the black text on brown background. It's hard to read.

  2. Two books already?! Wow, go you! Love the new name, and good luck querying!