Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Poetry day 2 - Allusions and Thoughts

I always prefer the idea of something than the actual thing, at least when it comes to my writing. I love when things are alluded to rather than outright said and you can think about it a little and take away from it what you wish. Back in high school my creative writing teacher called my writing as "lyrical" because I loved coming up with beautiful sounding descriptions for things, it wasn't until my writing progressed that I looked back and realized a lot of my earlier pieces sounded pretty but really said nothing. Since then I'd like to think I've become better at the alluding and making sense thing, so I think today's pieces represent that side of my poetry writing:

Black Eden (prose poem)

I was trying to find some solace in that place where your shadows are sleeping. The tree you planted next to them still grows as though light can reach here. I tried to make some room for me, but it seems as though you've already plotted your garden. White lies, daffodils, an affair with someone who dances on air; every place is all carved up and ready for you to forget I ever had a place. So I've abandoned myself to be the dirt in your folds and crevices, hoping one day you'll clean yourself out and find me lying here. But you've long had a thing for dark places haven't you? So the more you churn the soil to plant yourself more seeds, the more you'll bury me and I won't be the thing you've forgotten, but the thing you'll never remember.

Gentle Beast

Let the dust settle beneath closed eyes.
The unwanted always find a place
where they don't belong.
Rub softly and feel time shift,
like a gentle beast breaking the surface of the ocean
after spending an eternity beneath
on one breath.
And when there is a tear,
it will carry a new flavor,
though there will be no one to taste it.
Forgotten...is what will happen
when those unwanted find a home.
They aren't worth a thought,
and hardly a tear.
Like one breath taken every thousand years,
they get only one chance at remembrance,
before they spend an eternity swimming
in the darkness beneath.

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