Thursday, February 14, 2013

Indie-kissing Blogfest

For this blogfest, hosting by The Indelibles, I'm posting a kissing scene from Affairs of the Dead. I think I've shared this before, but I haven't reached any kissing in my WIP yet so this will have to do!

Selene and Micah kiss:

His hand around mine was strong, and the strength was very appealing. Where Andrew’s touch carried a crushing strength, Micah’s seemed more like a supporting strength.

“Then I guess I’m not going to help matters by doing this…” Micah moved forward, slipped his hand around my neck, and kissed me.

I was shocked for only a split second before my body rippled in pleasure from the feel of his lips on mine, and I closed my eyes and gave myself over to the kiss. Micah pulled me closer, careful of my slung arm, and deepened the kiss. His tongue whispered across my lips like he was asking rather than demanding, and I found this thrilling.

I opened my mouth, and when our tongues brushed, his hands slid up my back under my shirt. He groaned low in his throat and cupped my face, sliding his fingers through my hair. I arched my head back as he planted whisper soft kisses down my neck that literally made my toes curl. He moved his mouth back to mine and kissed me slow and deep, as though he was taking his time to explore the contours of my mouth. It was a novelty to me after months of having my mouth roughly savaged by Andrew, along with my body.

I had thought the way things were with Andrew had been the perfect scenario, but now I realized I had just never been kissed like this before—like the person on the other end of the kiss was it in for more than just the pleasure it brought him. There was a strength and intensity in the way Micah held me, possessively, but not like he thought he owned me, more like he was afraid I would slip away from him. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Unfinished Words

As I chug through my WIP, I started thinking about my writing process and how it changes depending on the book, and what affects whether I finish something or not. Last year I wrote three books and I wrote them all with record speed. This WIP has been much slower, and I always find myself thinking that when I get past a certain number of words the novel has a good chance of being finished. With this project I'm past 25k and am still invested in the story even if I'm not writing lightening fast, but that also doesn't mean this will be a novel I finish. Last year I started writing a PNR that I was really excited about, but it remains unfinished around 21k, and I had thought I passed the point where I was more likely to finish it than not.

Maybe I have writer ADD, maybe all writers do. I have quite a few projects that are unfinished (as I'm sure all writers do), and I don't think there's anything wrong with that, I think it's to be expected actually. It's normal to get fired up about something only to lose steam later on, just as it's normal to get fired up about something and see it to the end. I think the real problem would be if I didn't finish anything at all. And I realized that this isn't only restricted to my writing; I have books I stopped reading, video games I haven't completed, as well as drawings and paintings waiting to be done. But that's just how it goes sometimes, especially with creative people I think. For me, my attention is always being pulled in different directions on a whim, and sometimes I get tired of one thing and just want to try something new. And I think there can be beauty in the unfinished; the possibility will always be there, and sometimes that's nice to wonder about. And who knows, maybe the spark for some of those unfinished things will come back and they'll find their ending. Or their purpose could have just been a jumping point to launch me into something else.

So, I don't find myself disappointed with my unfinished projects, at least the possibility of them will always be there for a rainy day.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

This and That

I've sort of dropped the ball with blogging in the new year, I've had a lot going on, in just about every aspect of my life, and didn't have much heart for blogging. Hoping that will change, I'm going to actively remind myself that I have a blog and find things to blog about damn it! Anyway, here's a little update on my writing life.

I spent January working on editing Affairs of the Dead. I still don't have a release date for it yet, but I'm fairly certain it will come on in the spring, which I am of course excited about. Working with my editor was pretty painless, thankfully, and I think the book is being whipped into even better shape. I sent it back a couple days ago and can't wait until we have a final product. In the meantime I think I will sink my teeth back into the YA project I started in December but put on the back burner to work on Affairs. This one won't be one of my knock out in ten days books however, definitely more along the lines of slow and steady, but I'm itching to write, and excited to be working on a YA novel after so many adult Urban Fantasies. I'm having a  lot of fun with it.

Oh, and I also created an author page for Affairs of the Dead, would love for you all to check it out and add it to your TBR list, I promise it's awesome =)

Goodreads Author Page