Friday, April 27, 2012

Oh My Hero Bloghop

As part of a fun blog hop hosted by Jaycee DeLorenzo and Victoria at Confessions of a Twenty Something Fiction Writer we're supposed to post a picture of our book's hero and interview them, so here goes!

The hero of my current WIP is named Julian and he's a human who lives among cursed witches and works as a sort of control officer to make sure the witches stay in line and arrest those who don't. He's assigned to work with my MC who is a witch who carries a curse heavier than others, she she gets her very own babysitter.

This is a picture I drew a few years ago but I thought it worked well for the image I have of Julian because there is a gentleness about him that my heroine is attracted to. Now the image may seem sweet but he's plenty tough, I just thought this picture would showcase the side of him that is willing to fall for and accept a witch who carries a terrible curse that could quite literally kill him.

So, an interview with Julian!

Q: So tell me Julian, why did you become a control officer against witches?
A: Witches get the short end of the stick because most of them who are here are cursed and  discriminated against, they don't get fair trials or fair treatment after arrest so I wanted to join the force and try to make a difference.

Q: That's very noble, but it's widely known that the WCC (force he works for) are entirely against witches and don't care one way or another about what happens to witches, they are all too happy to get them off the streets, what makes you think you could alone could change that?
A: I'm not naive, but I think even one person can make a difference.

Q: Malachi (heroine) seems to think it's only a matter of time before you become...and I quote her here...a 'prejudiced black hearted bastard like the rest of them.' Do you think that's true?
A: *laughs* No, I don't, and don't worry, I'm working on breaking down that wall Malachi has up.

Q: Do you think that's such a good idea considering she's a cursed witch? I mean, you do know what her curse will make her do right?
A: I do, trust me, but to be honest with you, when I'm around her I sort of forget all of that, I don't look at her and think "you're cursed!" I just think of her as Malachi, beautiful, tough, and burdened. I can't help wanting to protect her.

*Malachi interjects: Damn it Julian, do you have a death wish? Stop it! *stomps off*

Q: Ahem....sorry about that, didn't know she was lurking. Anyway, that sounds so ooey gooey romantic Julian, but I have to agree, sounds like you wanting to get close to Malachi means you have a death wish.
A: I don't have a death wish, but I'm not going to give up on her, whether she wants me to or not I'm going to stay by her side.
Q: Oh my...I think you're breaking down my walls too.

Julian: *smile*
Me: *swoon*

Well, that was fun! Hope you got to know Julian a little!


  1. First, fantastic drawing! Second, good interview. Julian sounds like an interesting hero -- very noble but perhaps too noble? I'm always intrigued by characters with challenging GOOD agendas. Usually the bad guys come up with the agendas.

  2. I wish I could draw like you do!
    Very noble hero you got there, and I loved the interview and Malachi's interruption lol

  3. Wow! What an amazing drawing! This sounds like a really interesting story :)

  4. Oh, that picture is just darling. Wish I could draw like that.

  5. Great picture! You're so talented and Julian sounds awesome. Love that he has a gentle side. :D

    Thanks for participating!

  6. I really liked his answer about one person making a difference. Cool picture.

  7. Julian.. I am a big fan of that name! I also love stories with witches in them. Very nice drawing btw, the eyes are gorgeous. Ooh Malachi is a cool name too.. I am a fan of great names =) Beautiful, tough and burdened..she sounds like a great character too! I love that he is going to stay by her side..awwww.


    P.S The text on your blog is a little small for my old weary eyes.. would you be willing to make the font bigger?

  8. I'm swooning, too. Great interview! :D

  9. So great! Julian is kinda awesome! And I LOVE the sweetness to him. Thanks for joining the hop :)

  10. What a great concept for a story, and a beautiful drawing!

  11. You can draw, too? Awesome! And a fun interview, too.

  12. love the idea of interviewing your own character. great post...and welcome to #writemotivation!