Monday, September 30, 2013

Cover Reveal - Elemental Inferno (New Paranormal Romance novella coming soon!)

I'm excited to announce that I will soon be publishing a Paranormal Romance novella titled Elemental Inferno. I'm going the Indie route with this project, so a lot of hard work has been going into it, and I can't wait to share it.

I haven't set a release date as yet, but I would love to line up a few readers who would like to receive an ARC for an early review. Please let me know if you're interested.

And now, here's the cover, along with a description. Free, free to add it to Goodreads!

Rielle is a Winter Aura who for the past hundred years has held the job of controlling winter weather in her assigned area. During the non-winter months she can live as she pleases, as long as she doesn’t do anything that could make her lose control of herself, which could unleash her power and have it snowing in July. Therefore, sex outside of winter is a big no-no, because what could make her lose control of herself more? If Rielle is unable to keep her winter magic dormant during her off seasons, she will be put to Sleep by the Aura Elders. For Auras, it’s a fate worse than death.

When the Summer Aura for her area winds up mysteriously dead, summer weather spirals out of control until another Summer Aura arrives in the nick of time and brings things back to order. Aden is as gorgeous and alluring as they come, and before Rielle knows it, she finds herself with a roommate at the urging of the Elders, who seem uneasy about Aden, and want an eye kept on him. Rielle and Aden have a magnetic attraction to each other, and for the first time Rielle is afraid of losing control. However, Aden is much more than he seems, and when he shows Rielle a way to indulge their passions without repercussions, it seems too good to be true. But Aden’s secrets are ones the Elders fear, and can’t ignore. As they close in on him with deadly force in mind, Rielle will have to decide if Aden is in fact too dangerous, or if it’s worth going up against the Elders to save the man she’s losing her body, and heart to.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Express Yourself - Hobbies, Talents, Crafty

I saw this bloghop and couldn't resist joining in, so I'll be double posting today. I'm jumping on to the Express Yourself Meme hosted by Dani and Jackie, and this week the question is:

What is something crafty/handy you do or wish you did?

Other than writing, I love being creative. I love making things whether for my own amusement or to share with others. Over the years my artistic whims have had me making everything from beaded jewelry to bags to pillows to baby blankets. There are times when I will be totally into making something, and be absorbed in it for weeks, only to move on to something else. Guess that's an artists' prerogative?

One thing I've stuck with lately is my handmade cards, which I sell on my Etsy shop. I draw the designs using Illustrator and Photoshop, and print the cards myself too. Here are some examples:

Painting is also a hobby of mine, and I especially enjoy painting in anime style, guess it all stems from my interest in Japanese culture:

This was a fun bloghop, off to see what other crafty things people do!

Juggling projects and loving it

I'm not used to juggling more than one writing project at a time, but after a lull I guess it's time to go full speed ahead. First, I'm super excited to share that my novel, Black Widow Witch, will be published by Etopia Press. The manuscript is currently in the hands of my editor, but I should be getting it back shortly, and I'm looking forward to diving in and shaping up the novel as best as I can. I'll be sure to share more details, including the cover and release date, as soon as I know! Want to know what it's about? Read the blurb here.

On the other hand, I'm currently ghost writing a novel for someone -- something I have never done before. I can't share any details on it, but it's an urban fantasy, and I'm very excited about the storyline. Writing this book has been a bit slow though, because I find myself in the unusual place of not really knowing what the bigger picture is yet. Usually I have ideas that can cover at least a few chapters ahead, but this story is very much a page by page affair, I have some ideas of where I want to go, but they aren't concrete enough where I feel like I can just fly with it. A lot of thinking and assessing and feeling stuck going on here, but I will get through it. I'm used to a rapid fire pace when it comes to writing my novels, so maybe it's time to do a slow and steady pace.

Which brings me to my next project, a WIP I started many months ago and then drifted away from. It was my first foray back into writing YA fantasy, and I was really excited about it, but although I didn't hit a wall or anything, I put the project aside. Recently I was hit with suddenly inspiration and started writing again, and am excited about it all over again, so I'm happy to be working on it along with my other projects. I just love having a finished product, so I'm looking forward to seeing this one through. It's been fun to get back into YA.

Then there's the sequel to Affairs of the Dead, which has been stalled at the halfway point for a while now. It was difficult getting off the ground with this sequel, and getting through it has proven to be difficult as well. Right now the best thing to do would be to leave it on the back burner because I know I need to give it 100% attention, which I can't do while I'm working on three other projects. So as much as I'd love to finish it soon, I think I will wait until I'm finished editing Black Widow Witch and have possibly finished the other two projects as well. Then I will once again dive back into Selene's world of ghosts and their unfinished business.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Back to Blogging and a Blog Tour Wrap Up

I haven't blogged in two months, yikes! Well I spent the weekend giving my blog a new layout after deciding I didn't like the old one anymore, so here's hoping a fresh looking blog will inspire fresh ideas for posts.

Today wraps up a week long blog tour I did for Affairs of the Dead through Bewitching Blog Tours, so here's a recap on my guest posts, interviews, and reviews.


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Til next time!