Monday, November 19, 2012

The Mark of a Writer

As far as my story of why I wanted to be a writer, or how long I've wanted to be one, I'm not going to say my story is very different from a lot of others out there. There's the usual mantra "been writing all my life, always knew I wanted to write etc etc." I'm definitely a part of that; writing has been the one thing I have stuck with, and I don't see that ever changing. I know that no matter how difficult it has been and will continue to be trying to make it as an author, I will never lose my passion for it, and it's something I wanted to celebrate. I guess if I want to be poetic I could say writing is in my bones, and now it's on my skin.

A couple weeks ago I got my first tattoo, and it's a tattoo that symbolizes the thing I love to do most. I had thought about it for quite some time; getting a tattoo is not something I'd do on a whim since it's, you know, permanent, and I told myself that when I got an agent or a book deal, that would be the perfect time to get the tattoo. So when I found out that my book would be published by Etopia Press, I was excited for more than one reason. And now I have it, and I absolutely love it, and I think it will be good motivation for me on my down days, and a good reminder of who I am; a writer. No matter where my writing goes or doesn't go, I am a writer and that will never change.

So here it is! It's an abstract Quill Pen, on my wrist. Of course the tattoo had to be something writerly =)