Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Writing ADD

I think I have book writing ADD. I've only JUST finished a book (still haven't settled on a title!) and did only one edit on it so far and I find another idea for a book floating around in my head. It just came to me as I was trying to fall asleep last night. The idea is something more YA paranormal and involves faery folk instead of vamps and the like. I typed up my ideas and realized that I could use a story I randomly started typing sometime last year (only a page a half long) and turn it into this story. I'll think on it some more and see where it goes, but I'm still working on the novel I just finished.

And I think I am getting a cold. Sigh.

Writer's Blog

This blog will chronicle my journey towards becoming a published author.

First and foremost, I write books because I want to reveal the stories in my head and give myself over to my world and characters. Publication was never my driving force, but it is my ultimate dream and goal. I'm letting myself stay positive and motivated that it will happen for me.