Monday, October 10, 2011

From Writing to Editing

Last week I finished my WIP, and I've also completed editing round one. The first edit it always the easiest for me because it's not much more than me reading the book from start to finish and picking up on all the inconsistencies, gaps, etc that need to be fixed. Edits 2 and 3 are where most of the hard work comes in, where things will actually start to make cohesive sense. By edit 4 and 5 I'm usually in a happier place with the novel (but also sort of sick of looking at it). So for the next few weeks I'll be in editing world, which I actually enjoy because it's rather satisfying making things clean up and look right.

Also, I want to share again about Lisa L. Regan's Hook for Your Book contest that's being judged by her agent Jeanie Pantelakis of Sullivan Maxx agency. The contest runs from today (Oct 10th) to Oct 17th and is open to fantasy novels, the prize being a full manuscript read and possible representation by Sullivan Maxx. To enter the contest you need to post a 50 word pitch for your book. It's a great opportunity, so check it out!

Something else that Lisa L. Regan is a part of, along with Melodie Wright at Forever Rewrighting and Carrie Butler at So You're a Writer is the Casting Call Character bloghop, which sounds like it's a lot of fun because we get to showcase our WIP characters the way we see them. Check out their blogs for more info.


  1. Good luck with your editing! It's such a necessary evil. :P

  2. Congratulations on finishing the WIP! I know the hard work starts now, but it's still a great accomplishment. :)

    P.S. Thanks for mentioning Casting Call!