Sunday, July 1, 2012

Murder Mystery Blogfest - Queen Solenne's Interrogation

It's time for Queen Solenne to be put through the ringer, will she come out innocent, or guilty?

Your Highness, you're not the type to be tricked, scammed, or even inconvenienced, certainly not by a lowly human. A man like Lenny Glow doesn't deserve to kiss your shoe, so if he were to cross you, you'd snuff him out like the insect he is, correct?

I would do worse than 'snuff him out' as you say. No one crosses the Queen of Shadows and Souls! Death is far too quick and final a punishment, so why would I ever just kill someone who displeased me when I could torture them for decades? Through truth be told humans are so much less resilient when it comes to torture...

But Mr. Glow didn't see himself that way. He thought he...a mere mortal...was untouchable. He was able to get politicians and leaders to do his bidding. Able to get beautiful woman to show him favor. I've yet to come across anyone who didn't have good reason to stuff his stomach with spiders. But not many of them could. But you...the witch Queen of Shadows and souls could do this as easily as scratching an itch. Am I right there?

Why would I deny that which is true? Human imaginations are far too limited, I could teach you humans a thing or two about murder and torture. You rely too much on bullets and knives. Though I must say the era where tying bricks to someone's feet and dropping them into a river was the norm was a favorite time of mine.

I have information that you crossed paths with Lenny Glow. Mr. Glow wanted to collect some debts, and was tired of using his usual thugs, so he wished to employ your Shadow Monsters. Personally, I can't imagine any interaction between you and the sleazy Mr. Glow that wouldn't end with his stomach filled with spiders, at least. So what is your story?
Mr. Glow would not be so stupid as to approach me for my Shadow Monsters, and my dear I know I must have painted an awful picture of myself and you may be just about ready to pin this on me, but let me tell you this...I am unable to step into the human world, the realm of witches is where I must stay, so while I very well could stuff this Lenny Glow with spiders and leave him to rot, is it actually possible? Of course there is my henchman Jorix who scuttles between the worlds for me....*sly smile*
Well, that's Queen Solenne for you, she would never deny being evil to the core, but she'd also try to lead you down a false path, so it will be up to the detectives to discern her guilt or innocence, though if she's guilty I doubt there's anything they could do to bring her to justice. 


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