Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Murder Mystery Suspect - Queen Solenne

I'm participating in the Murder Mystery Blogfest hosted by Sharon Bayliss, and here's the introduction of my suspect:

My suspect for the murder of Lenny Glow is the witch Queen of Shadows and Souls herself, Solenne. She is the main antagonist of my novel Black Widow Witch. Queen Solenne has been sole ruler of the witch realm, the Aeverneath, for over two hundred years after brutally murdering the previous (and up till then the only) queen of the Aeverneath. Ever since then she has cared less about the well being of her people and more about cursing and killing any witch for any reason. Her likes include carriage rides around the Aeverneath, accompanied by her guards and her self made Shadow Monsters, to wipe out random cities and towns and massacre their populations. She's been known to flay her gardeners alive if there is so much as a crushed petal on one of her flowers. She also likes to collect beautiful, sexy men for her bedroom activities, but she goes far beyond lovemaking; nothing gets her off more than carving up her men and bathing in their blood. Another hobby of hers is cursing witches and exiling them to the human world. For example, she parted a witch from her body, rendering her only a floating head because she thought that witch's body too close in beauty to her own. And she cursed one of her musicians, who was so beautiful eyes were straying from her to him, to look like a putrid, rotting corpse. So as far as stuffing Lenny full of poisonous spiders? Maybe that sort of thing is too beneath her, too much of child's play compared to her usual fare.

Or is it?


  1. A Witch Queen, eh? Well, her magic is certainly powerful enough and then some. I look forward to the interrogation responses!

  2. Sounds utterly creepy and more creepy! Indeed! I would say spiders are DEFINITELY beneath her! Yucky yeck!(hehe)

  3. Wow, she definitely sounds like a dangerous character. The detectives will be by to interrogate her soon...carefully.

  4. I've decided I don't want to run into her anytime soon....an evil witch with a history of murder? I'll be posting my suspect tomorrow! Great entry!