Monday, July 11, 2011

Never too Late

Quite a few years ago I read the Claidi Journals by Tanith Lee; we're talking at least seven to eight years ago here. I enjoyed them, and they are sitting nicely on my bookshelf, but recently while I was book browsing online I discovered that I never finished the series. Here I thought there were three books when in fact there are four. How that slipped past me I'll never know, but I promptly ordered the fourth book. Why even bother after so long? Because I just have to finish it, I hate leaving things undone, I'll even stick with a series (book or tv) to the end even if I'm losing interest in it because I feel as though I just have to follow through. Now I remember the story well enough, not every single detail, but I do recall the main idea of what happened in the books. Will that be enough for me to get through the fourth book without being confused? I guess I'll find out, because I don't see myself re-reading the first three books. This should be interesting.

Anyone ever stop reading a series and start again after a long period of time has passed? Was it the same?

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  1. I've never stopped reading a series because I usually cannot put books down. However, I often wait until all books in a series are released before reading because I hate the wait. :P

  2. I hate waiting too, if only our favorite authors would write and release books every two months the world would be a perfect place lol

  3. I completely agree! It would be fantastic if authors kept their releases close together. I'd just love that! Sometimes the gap between books is so lengthy that I end up losing interest in the story.
    Anyway, I just came by to wish you luck tomorrow on the story chain. I'm just before you on the list! Whoot!

  4. Good luck to you too! I'm really looking forward to how the story will turn out.