Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kids (and teachers) say the darndest things

So after teaching elementary school kids for three weeks, you'd think I'd have some interesting snippets to share right? You'd be correct. Already have a couple memorable quotes under my belt.

Fourth Grade:

I asked the students to give an example of a simple sentence.

Student: *mumbles something*
Me: What did you say? "I'm so high??" (thoroughly confused)
Student: "I like pie."
Me: Oh....good sentence.

Thankfully they did not seem to grasp the bad meaning of my blunder, so I was able to breeze past that.

Third Grade:

The students were supposed to fill in a comparative or superlative adjective in a sentence:

George was the __________ firefighter at the station.

Student: George was the blackest firefighter at the station.
Other students: Oooh that's so rude!
Me: (acting totally calm) You mean because he was fighting fires....right?

It's been rather entertaining so far.


  1. Hee hee...I've learned not to give my students a fill-in-the-blank sentence (even though they work wonders when teaching parts of speech)because the sentences turn out waaaay weird.

  2. I had no choice, they have worksheet packets to work from so I always have to brace myself for interesting answers lol

  3. I literally AM laughing out loud. Thanks for the day brightener.

  4. LOL! "I'm so high" was great, especially when I read what he really said. Thanks for the laugh!