Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blogfest - Story Chain

For my part I was supposed to make the reader feel happy and use the words ride, suggest, and spray.

Here is the part before mine on Lindy's Blog

By the time Dio stepped through the back door of her house and stared at the edge of the forest that was about mile away, the sun was beginning to set. She fought down the fear that was beginning to rise when she realized that she’d have to make her way through Nefnia forest almost completely in the dark; there was only so much her flashlight could do for her. Walking blindly through a dense forest was typically no joyous occasion, but doing so because you were seeking out devious fairies was borderline madness. I have no choice, Dio thought, gathering her courage and stepping off the porch. I have to do this for my family. Her father had risked the perils of Nefnia forest for her once; she was determined to return the favor. She wished she had her bicycle so she could ride to the forest’s edge, but her mother had taken it away last summer when she’d fallen off and broken her arm.

Dio reached the forest edge with most of her courage still in place. By now the sun had set completely, and the only reminder of daytime was a streak of orange in the sky. Just as Dio was about to enter the forest, someone’s hand clamped onto her shoulder and pulled her back, making her scream and drop her flashlight. Dio spun around and almost could not believe it when she saw Roddern standing there.

“Miss me?” Roddern asked, flashing her a smile.

“Roddern?” Dio’s eyes were so wide it was a little painful. She blinked and picked up the flashlight, shining it on Roddern. “It is you!” she exclaimed. She thought she’d never see him again. She flung her arms around him and hugged him.

“So now the smell doesn’t bother you?” Roddern said with a laugh.

“I don’t care!” Dio said. “How are you here? How are you okay?”

“I can catch you up later,” Roddern said. “Just know that it was only because a higher power knew that you would need me. Especially now.”

“I need to find the fairies, Roddern,” Dio said. “They are the only chance I have at saving my parents. I know they’re alive”

“I know,” Roddern said. “But you have to be smart about this, Dio. You can’t just walk into an enchanted forest with no protection. Remember what happened to you last time?”

“I got poisoned and my father almost died trying to save me,” Dio said.

“Exactly, but this,” Roddern reached into his pocket and pulled out a small bottle, “can help protect you. It’s an anti glamour spray that we Grandoolexes created to help protect us against fairy wiles.”

“Amazing,” Dio said, staring at the bottle.

“We don’t have much time,” Roddern said. “Once the moon fully rises the fairies’ power will be much stronger and the anti glamour magic could fail, especially against the stronger ones, so I suggest we get going.” Dio nodded.

“Okay, spray me and let’s go,” Dio said. Roddern sprayed her, then himself with the anit-glamour magic, which Dio was surprised to realize smelled quite pleasant. He then took her hand, which despite the circumstances, made her heart flutter, and walked with her into the forest.

I’m not scared anymore, Dio realized. With Roddern with me, I know I can do this.

To continue the story, head to Christina's Blog


  1. That's awesome. You made me feel really good, so it's a success.

  2. Brilliant continuation and great way to bring Roddern back in. I can't believe how much you managed to write, well done.

  3. Roddern is back! You totally made me happy. Great stuff :)

  4. Yippee! Great timing with bringing Roddern back--Dio's happy, I'm happy! Great job!

  5. You resurrected Roddern! Hurrah! This is great. :)

  6. Yipee! Old smelly Roddern is back and you have managed to tie up all the loose ends I think. Except for Sandy's baby. I wonder if that will come back in somehow??

  7. I'm glad to see Roddern back, (and a fix for the awful smell). I hope she'll be able to save her father.

  8. Yay! I'm so glad you brought Roddern back. I'm so intrigued, and love this addition ^_^

  9. Fun! Fun! Love the anti-glamour spray.

  10. Yes! Roddern's return was just what was needed to make us readers happy. Well done!

  11. Yes, you know how to make a girl happy! Roddern!

  12. I love the adventure to the unknown.

  13. Now that makes me happy, seeing Roddern back in the story.

  14. Thanks everyone! It was quite fun being a part of this.

  15. Wish I had time for this one, but I'm away. Now I can see I missed out on the fun!