Friday, May 7, 2010


I've not been doing much writing lately, only editing my last novel which I've hopefully polished to a nice shiny finish. Soon I will start my querying for it, how soon? Not sure. I always feel a bit down when I'm not in the middle of writing something, but I don't want to write something just for the heck of it, so I'll take the down time as it comes because I know soon my thoughts will start turning towards something to write. Though I do have some options....I have a WIP that I abandoned to work on my quartet (of which three books are done). And speaking of that quartet I could write the last book except it has not presented itself to me 100%. I know what's supposed to happen but I need to flesh out the plot. And there is another WIP I started a few weeks ago but I stopped because I also didn't have the plot fleshed out 100% so I didn't want to get too far and get convoluted. Gotta say I love having outlines for my books, it makes it so much easier. I know a lot of writers don't like/use outlines but I always found them useful. I did them from my very first book....which I hand wrote nonetheless. I had a separate place to write all my ideas, character descriptions, etc, and I stayed with the handwritten notes/books for my first four books. Now books five to eight have been typed....which I KNOW is so much more convenient than writing but I loved hand writing my books even though I knew the workload that would await me to then type them up. So...until some outline for one of my three in limbo projects presents itself...or something writing for me! I'll just fuss over my last book (still un-named! There is something I am calling it but I don't want it to stick...though it probably will because I really can't think of another better name...sigh) and I'll fuss over my query letter and wait for my next creative burst to hit. In the meantime I really need to get to the library/bookstore to get some books...I've read a pathetic two books this year, super sad.

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