Friday, May 14, 2010

Nothing feels as good...

As being in the middle of writing a new book. The winner of the Next Book I Will write is the sequel to my most recent one (the nameless urban fantasy). From the get go this was planned to be a series, possibly a long running one like the Anita Blake series, so this will only be book two of many. Hopefully. I'd been itching around a plot and outline for this book (which ironically enough I do have a name for), for a while, but I couldn't get it to work out completely. But as usual I knew that all I had to do was wait and give it some time and without actively trying the story would work itself out and present itself to me. And so on Tuesday I was able to flesh out the entire book and have my outline from start to finish and I plunged right in. Today, on day four, I have 32 pages done and will have more before I'm done writing for the day. I just love when I'm writing a book, it becomes the thing I think about almost every hour of the day, going through the plot lines, making sure there are no holes, or just thinking in general about how happy I am to be writing and how much I am enjoying the story. And I am, I really like the twists and turns I came up with, and I think it makes for a really interesting read so I can't wait to get through it! When I'm not writing I feel like I'm wasting time and want more than anything to be writing. And now I feel content, all's right in my writing world.

Otherwise I'm also happy to be back to reading, I've been abysmal at that, making up all sorts of excuses why I don't have time to read when I just wasn't making any. So I took myself to the library after not being there for a realllllllly long time, and borrowed four books. First I'm reading Greywalker by Kat Richardson, I'm enjoying it so far, very different voice than Laurell, whose work I'm most used to reading. I'll post my thoughts on it when I finished.

Now, back to writing!

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