Friday, April 9, 2010

What now?

I'm still trying to regain my confidence in my writing, boy was I on top of the world when I was writing my last novel, now I'm still struggling with that feeling of deflation. I think maybe I'm letting too much information sink into my head, even though it's been so helpful for me to learn everything that I have about the world of writing and getting published. Now I am at a crossroads with myself: what do I do next? It's only been a couple of weeks since I finished the book but I feel like I have to start another, though I will admit I'm pushing myself for reasons that aren't entirely right. So if not another book, then do I try to get some poetry published to build my writing creds? Poetry is all I have as I just don't do well with short stories, they will always go on too long...I'm just the type of writer who likes to go long (novel length), not short. I had a poetry kick late last year where I did a lot of poetry writing and even sent out a few queries, but no bites, so I turned back to my books. I know that having some publishing creds can only help my query letter, but I don't want to think that it's absolutely essential. It can't hurt...but I don't know if that's what I have the drive for right now. Or maybe I should sit back and relax for a while and get back into some art. But if I do that I feel like I should really be concentrating on writing. I just feel like I need to do everything now, now, now, but I've no clue if now is the time I'm ready. Maybe it's a future book that will be my jackpot, maybe I need to get other things published first, maybe I'll have a stroke of luck, maybe, maybe, maybe....

I did have a dream last night that I got a book published. It was somewhat nonsensical in that way dreams usually are, but I did have a book published and I was over the moon about it. I even remember that in my dream my agent was from Janklow and Nesbit. No that doesn't mean I'm going to go query them now. But damn, if only it wasn't a dream. Someday for sure!

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