Saturday, May 29, 2010


So things have taken an interesting turn for me lately in different ways, some of which I'd rather not think about. Anyway, this week I attended the agent/author day at the backspace writer's conference, and overall I thought it was a really good experience. I learned a lot, especially when it comes to the query letter, and after the conference I came home and completely re-wrote my letter and I'm much happier with it. I'm also doing some editing to my manuscript based on comments I heard, hopefully enhancing it in a good way. Then of course comes the (terrifying) query process.
I'm still also working on my current novel (sequel), it's more than 3/4 done so I'm hoping to be done with it soon then get to editing.
And for some odd reason I have that same anxious feeling that I've learned means I need to do something....I felt this way around the time before I started my second to last novel and when I finally gave in to it the novel finished itself in less than two weeks. So what's my mind trying to tell me I need to do? Start querying? Make more changes to the manuscript? Who knows, I just hate feeling this way. Or am I just crazy? Hm that one seems likely...

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