Sunday, January 18, 2015

Busy and Loving It

I like being busy. I may complain about it sometimes, but I like when there are various things going on in my life like different things that I am doing or trying to accomplish. Positive things of course. I'm the type of person who gets bored easily. I don't like being stagnant. Sitting around doing nothing is great sometimes, then it's time to find something to do already. So right now I'd have to say I'm busy, and I'm enjoying it.

On New Years Day I launched Red Moon Book Tours. I got the idea to start my own blog tour company back in early October, got really excited about the idea, then thought there was no way I would be successful at it and gave it up, then decided what the hell why not go for it? That's always been an issue with me, there are so many ideas I get, so many things I want to do or make or try, but sometimes I tend to talk myself out of taking that extra step to just go for it because I don't think I will succeed at it. But this time I told myself I would try. There are tons of blog tour companies out there and they were all started by people not unlike myself, so why couldn't I do it too? It took a lot of work, but I'm glad that I took the plunge. I've been working on booking six tours, so needless to say the new business has been keeping me busy.

But not so busy that I don't have time for other things! Such as editing a book. In early December I FINALLY finished the sequel to Affairs of the Dead, and there are no possible words to describe how happy I was to finish that book. It was by far the hardest book I've ever written, and it took about a year and a half, whereas Affairs was drafted in ten days. Part of the prolonged writing time was due to the fact that I was pregnant and was then dealing with adjusting to motherhood (and let's face it, there's no greater, cuter, more worth it time sucker than a tiny baby), but even if there was no baby in the picture it would have been hard. I got stuck in places I couldn't write myself out of, and the manuscript would stay untouched for weeks and months. I'd think about, even open it up and try to work on it, but all I got was frustrated because I just couldn't figure my story out. I loved my plot idea, but it didn't seem to love me back for a long time. I fought back hard though, and with A LOT of re-writing that often involved re-writing the re-writes then re-writing the re-written re-writes (did you follow all that?), I finally came out with the story I wanted to tell and I love it. I'm super excited for it to be published later this year. I just have to finish whipping it into shape then I can send it off to my publisher.

Other than that, there are other aspects of life that need attention too. I have a part time job, so that's three days of my week right there. Plus, my baby girl will be turning one next month so I am in party planning mode! I'm excited to give her a party that she won't remember now, I know, but will love to look back on one day through pics and video. So that's also been taking up my time (happily).

Being busy helps me feel like my life is more well rounded. Last year it was all about adjusting to a baby in my life, and I think I have finally reached a place where I can be 100% mommy and still do things for myself. Many times that means sacrificing sleep to edit my book because I finally realized that late at night with little miss was asleep was the only time I could get any writing done! Maybe I'll be able to start blogging more using that process. Gotta love that midnight hour.


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