Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Affairs of the Dead Contest Entries -- What's your Unfinished Business?

I recently wrapped up a two week contest tour where I asked bloggers to post funny, interesting, and creative unfinished business that a ghost would need taking care of, since that is what the main character in my novel, Affairs of the Dead, does. The winning entry will be incorporated into the sequel I am working on, which will hopefully be released next year. The winner will also snag an Amazon gift card along with books from Etopia Press. Here are the entries, read and enjoy! I will be picking a winner soon!

1) Her lover left one night and never came back a few weeks later she found out she was pregnant, she hid it from the world. She moved to a remote location in the woods and had the child at home with the help of a midwife she had befriended. Alone in her cabin raising a child by herself she vowed one day to make sure the baby would know the father. A few years later when the child was 3 the mother left the child with the midwife to make a trip to town. On the way back home she was ran off the road by a semi truck and died in the crash. She had told the midwife that if anything was to happen to her that she was to take care of her baby if she had not found the baby’s father. It was easy finding him while she was dead all she had to do was concentrate hard enough and Bam there she was in his bedroom staring down at his sleeping form. She hovered for a few moments trying to decide of a way to let him know, so far she hasn't been able to move anything, she decided to stay with him only leaving to check on her child, until she could find away to tell him about his daughter.

2) A man dies in his apartment while cross dressing. He returns as a ghost to get into his apartment and change his body out of his current lingerie, wig, heels and makeup before his body is found.

3) A ghost will remain to stick around and eat Pizza!

4) Maybe to haunt his/her favorite author to find out the end of a favorite series.

5) A ghost sticks around to cut coupons!

6) A very Type A woman’s ghost sticks around to find her great granddaughter’s little pink Hello Kitty sock that’s missing from her laundry.

7) A soldier is returning from (any) war with a last letter for the wife/sweetheart of a dying soldier buddy, but he himself is killed on the way. He still wants to see that the letter is delivered.

8) A ghost can't rest in peace without finishing that book their friend loved and loaned them, but they never got around to reading. Then after they have to let the friend know what they thought. 

9) A woman named Dana dies suddenly in a car accident. Dana was a fashionista that was very proud of her figure but one thing she never admitted to anyone was that she wore Spanx every day.  She doesn't want anyone to find out so her unfinished business is to hide all of her pairs of Spanx so that her secret dies with her!

10) My ghost pranked a friend who hates beans by swapping the labels of a can of beans and a can of soup, the friend hasn't opened what she thinks of the soup yet so my ghost hasn't seen the results of their prank. 

11) Teacher (clean cut average next door kind of girl) who works at night as a blogger for an adult toy (clears throat) company and has product testing experience. She has to get those things out of her house before her mother gets in from out of town. To do anything else would be disastrous. She can't just ask anyone. This is a girl to girl cry for help.

12) Girl has a fight with her boyfriend after another guy spells out a scene between said boyfriend and another girl. The event has a moment of truth and girl believes him only to fall victim to a horrific crime as he takes her away to console her. Now she is dead and watches boyfriend grieving and is powerless to stop the bad guy as his net of revenge draws closer. Guy has a bone to pick with boyfriend and is out to destroy more than his life-he won't stop until everything he loves is gone. She has to find someone who will hear her and help to prevent the boyfriend from being hurt-and tell him the truth. She is torn-she wants him with her but it is not his time-she can prevent any more evil from happening.

13) When you think of it being a ghost is like a lifetime of invisibility. And there’s definitely something I would do now as a ghost. I’m gonna go all Barney Stinson on you and say, wait for it, wait for it, wait for it. I am gonna make out with Jensen Ackles. Hell yeah!! That is like my ultimate dream come true. Well I would have preferred having little Jensen babies, but I’ll take what I can get! I know, I know I was only required to come up with one ‘unfinished business’, but man this is like the ULTIMATE unfinished business. No way am I going to cross over before I get to make out with and *cough* fondle *cough* Jensen Ackles.

Which entry is your favorite? 


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