Monday, July 1, 2013

All My Last Lines

I recently did a post where I shared the first lines from all my novels and talked about how important opening lines are for drawing the reader in and setting a tone, but I think closing lines are just as important. They are the last words someone reads after taking a journey through a novel, and can have an impact on the reader in a lot of ways. It could wrap up the story nice and neatly, or it can leave the reader dissatisfied, confused, or on a cliff hanger. Either way, closing lines give the reader something to think about. I’d like to share the last lines from all of my novels for the same reason I shared my opening lines; not because I think they are oh so spectacular, but because I think it’s a great map of my growth as a writer, especially since I starting writing novels in my early teens. And it’s just fun to take a trip down memory lane.
Shadow RealmIn reality, Sleeping Beauty never wakes up. 
Devil’s Night – There was laughter on the wind…
Sanguinarius“She shall never wake up wrote yourself an unhappy ending…”
Nyt – He took her hand and they raced out the door, and soon the night was filled with the sound of five motorcycles speeding off to their next fight.
Seasons of MagickThey all agreed, and for a while they lay beneath the sky, enjoying the feel of the wind and the gentle touch of magick that eased over them.
Broken Nyt – “Kymora. Welcome home my daughter.”
Nyt III – “Let’s destroy the Queens,” she whispered fiercely.
Black Eden – It was clear that when the storm hit, I’d have so much more to lose than anyone else.
Blood Cherry – I couldn't say anything more, the darkness sucked me down, and I pitched forward into Tross' arms.
Wasteland Rhapsody"Oh Cassy." I pinched his cheek. "You're so sweet."
Graveyard Phoenix – Until both Gideon and Dylan came and found me, put their arms around me, and took me home.
Ravenous Dusk – My eyes were wide as I now found myself staring at a room full of kneeling witches; it was a clear sign of their allegiance to the one standing before them. Me.
Ravishing Midnight – I lay there wrapped in Lucen’s arms, and eventually the soft beat of his heart against my back, and the rhythm of Haden’s heart in my chest lulled me to sleep.
Immortal Unrest“I’ve lost a lot,” I said. “My mother, Thirren, Shae, even a part of my own humanity. But I have you, and I have Maelstrom, and everything else that I lost I will get back, or I will avenge.”
Trickster’s Renegade – “No reason,” I said softly, feeling a spot of warmth and calmness in my heart that I hadn’t felt in a long time.
Black Widow WitchI was free of Queen Solenne’s curse, but now it felt like I had cast a curse on myself.
Affairs of the Dead – “Show me how to play this game, Ethan,” I said. “Yelling and cursing at it seems to have helped you these last few days. I want in.”

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  1. First lines are important. But some people take it to the extreme. You have some good ones though.