Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Crewel Discussion

As part of our BEA book club, we swap questions about the book, so here's my Q&A with the ladies:

Did you find the concept of weaving and all it involves to be easy to grasp or a little confusing? At what point in the book did you totally understand it?

Alexa: It was such a cool idea! I actually took a long time to understand it - it was probably towards the second third of the book that I really started getting what they were referring to. It was a bit difficult for me to visualize, but I do think that it’s pretty well-done.

Rachel: I found the concept a little confusing, however, like Alexa, I was able to understand it better in the latter of the book. It was a REALLY cool idea, and I was able to fully grasp the weaving concept in a particular scene ((**SPOILERS when Jost was explaining how his wife and baby were ‘ripped’ away**))

Shanella: I also took a long time to grasp the concept - about ¾ of the way through - and while I thought the world building was done well, I can also see the story losing readers because it takes such a long to really explain the world. A few action examples in the opening might have been more beneficial.

A.J: I was unclear about how it all worked until later in the story, and I also wish there had been clearer examples earlier on to help me understand how things worked. I felt like it was a little bit of a stretch to believe that an entire world was built using threads and looms, and I wasn’t really sure what sort of mental image to have during the scenes involving the looms where it seemed as though the characters were seeing what was going on, I thought...do the threads work like a television screen or something? Ripping was a concept that was easier to grasp, though, even though it’s kind of frightening to think that just ripping a certain thread would end someone’s life!

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