Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I wrote with fever and fervor

Well, the end of January has brought me the completion of my first novel for the year, yup the WIP I mentioned just a couple posts ago has already seen a first draft completed (clocked in at about 83k words). It also brought me the personal satisfaction of breaking my record for shortest amount of time I've written a book in, previously it was twelve days, but I wrote this book in ten! I know it's never a race with these things, but when I saw just how quickly the words were flying out of me, I began to wonder if I could actually break my record. Needless to say, I am currently typing this blog post with fingers that are just bone. My record for most words in a day was over 13k words, and my hands never hated me more.

I learned even more things about my writing approach when it comes to pantsing. First of all, this book was A LOT of fun to write. It's interesting because I'd been all set on another idea that I'd thought up and started making notes for since last November to be my next novel, and I was excited about that idea, I was just waiting for it to come together and give me enough to start writing. Then up pops this new idea and it took hold of me and I started writing the book just a few hours after the idea came to me and I'd made a few notes, which I don't typically do. Once I started writing, I never really had any major, hair pulling blocks, or moments where I didn't know where to take the story. I loved seeing how vague ideas about a scene I wanted to include actually worked out when the time came, and I enjoyed being able to use characters I'd introduced even though at the time I didn't know what their purpose would be. I'd say it was one of the easier books I've written, they've all been fun, but my last two were real headache inducers, so it was nice to sort of have this story come along and have it be so fun to write. I wonder if I will ever plot a book again? I can't close the door on it because I think each book is different and will be written in different ways, some will run with you right off the bat, and others may need more prep and planning before you start writing. Can't wait to see how my next project will shape up.

Now I have two books to edit and I'll be taking my time with that, no need to break any records there.


  1. Wow! What a productive start to the year. You're inspiring!

  2. Unbelievable! Sounds like you are on a roll:) Congrats!!!

  3. Holy Shnikies! That's a lot of words in a short mount of time. Good for you. I think my brain sucks--it works at a turtle pace (I over think things).

    Nice to meet you, fellow campaigner! We're in the same group (which rocks!)

    Have a fantastic day.

  4. Hello! New follower and new to the campaign! ^_^ We're in the Urban Fantasy group together!