Thursday, November 3, 2011

Warm Fuzzies Blogfest - week 2

I'm participating in the Warm Fuzzies Blogfest hosted by Juliana Brandt. I wasn't able to jump in week one, but for week two:

This week, we’ll cater to those of us who are completely possessive over our WIPs and don’t want to give anything too telling away. Instead of posting something intimate about our writing, post a picture or piece of music that describes your WIP.

What do you look to when you write? What inspires you? How else do you use your creativity? Music? Pictures? Art?

Oddly enough, this falls in line with the post I did for the Casting Call bloghop, so I hope a bit of recycling is okay. This picture of my four main characters is what I'd like to share:

We have one human, one witch, and two demons. And here are some other vague facts:
  • One of them discovers something about them that irrevocably links them to another one.
  • One of them betrays another in a big way.
  • One of them makes an ultimate sacrifice to save another.
  • One of them is definitely not what they seem in a major way.
Maybe you can guess who is who?

Once my idea materializes in my head, it's usually a few days or weeks of making notes, getting frustrated, then going back in and making sense of the notes before an outline appears and I can start writing. I'm always at ease once I have my outline going. My latest novel was a particularly difficult one for me, I came up against a wall more than I'm used to, which I didn't enjoy. When I was done though, and had the opportunity to do something artistic in relation to the book, I had a lot of fun doing this drawing, looking at it definitely inspires me to keep working with these characters until I get things as perfect as I can. This isn't the first time I've done character art and I've always enjoyed it. To be corny, it's kind of like the icing on the cake.


  1. Ooh, it's in color now! It looks awesome!

  2. My guess is that the girl in the red shirt makes the ultimate sacrifice for the green-eyed boy, and the blonde girl betrays the black-haired girl when she finds out about the connection black-haired girl has with black-haired boy, who blonde girl is in love with? :-p

  3. I don't know--but they all look like they have some sort of secret!!

  4. Shoot, my comment didn't post :( Anyway, I was going to say the dude on the end has nifty eyes. I bet he's one of the demons :)

  5. Oh...I love how you have the photo and a little teaser about the characters/plot. Excellent! Oh, and I've been against that wall too- no fun- but thank goodness we eek outta there!

  6. Ok, Lady Gaga (the witch) joins the Black Eyed Peas when Will-i-am makes the ultimate sacrifice and leaves to balance the boy/girl ratio in the band. Fergie (the human) discovers that Lady Gaga is not all that she seems and is indeed a man and betrays her to the press. The two demons (, and Taboo) discover that in a previous life they were the duo Milli Vanilli.

  7. LOL loving the guesses...good one Emma!

  8. I like the vague facts...makes me curious. Great way to intrigue us :)

  9. Male with green eyes on end, demon, as is the girl in pink. The dark-haired boy is the human and the dark-haired girl is the witch.

    Okay, here it goes. The witch and the human are sister and brother, although this fact just became known. Pink demon has the hots for human boy, but it turns out, once they've already expressed their attraction, that pink demon is really a boy (his "demon soul" that is, but his current body is female). The green-eyed boy demon sacrifices his only chance to free his soul for the sake of the witch, whom he loves dearly. Now, here's the kicker...the human (the witch's brother) tells pink demon girl his sister's big secret: that she's the last real witch. He also tells both demons that what his sister wants is the ancient marcolot stone necklace they have in their possession. Once she gets the necklace, she'll be able to create future witches. The witch, completely crushed her brother would betray her, hexes him blind. She runs away in the middle of the night, breaking the heart of green-eyed demon boy. But, she'll be back for the necklace...someday.

  10. Love the picture. My guess is that the girl with the blond hair is not who she seems to be?

    Thanks for checking out my blog. I look forward to following yours :)

  11. @ candy - wow! maybe that's the story I should write lol