Friday, October 21, 2011

Writing Week & an Award

This has been a crazy week for me so I did not get much done in the ways of editing my latest book. I did however enter a few writing contests, and am gearing up for a blogfest or two, so the busy-ness will continue. Still toying with the idea of doing NaNo this year, but it all comes down to whether or not I can churn out an outline in time.

Anyway, I received an award from Elizabeth Varadan (thanks a lot!), which is very cool, be sure to check her blog out.

The rules are to thank the person who gave you the award and pass it on to fifteen recently discovered blogs. I've decided to pass it on to my most recent followers:
1. Something to Write About
2. Reading, Writing, and Lovin' it!
3. Cheryl Reif
4. Jenny Kaczorowski
5. Mind Writer
6. KT Hanna
7. Can't Fight the Write


  1. Oh wow! My first award!! Yay! Thank you so much!

  2. Fabulous! I am so excited. I will definitely pass it on. :) Thank you so much.

  3. Thank you! How cool! And it looks like you have some other great blogs for me to check out, too :)