Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Earth Shakes

So, apparently there was an earthquake here in New York around 1 pm today...which was actually an aftershock of an earthquake that happened in Virginia. It's the topic of the moment...but I completely missed it because I was on the subway so I felt nothing. When I got out I had texts and voicemails about it and all I could do was look around like "????" Thankfully it wasn't serious though, but is it wrong that part of me wishes I'd experienced it?


  1. I completely understand how you feel! I think I would have wanted to know what it felt like and istead everyone was like "Whoa!" and you're like "What!" that sucks!

    Glad everyone is okay!

  2. Ha! I often want to experience them and I live in Cali. For some reason I've been living for the feeling--not to the point of destruction though. Just a little jolt. I'm glad reports say everyone is all right.

  3. I haven't experienced an earthquake since I was a kid back home in Trinidad so I guess I just wanted to remember what it was like? lol