Friday, August 12, 2011


I was thinking today about the things that have inspired me with my writing. Writers, artists, creative people in general...we're all well versed on all the types of inspiration out there and how we channel that inspiration into the things we create. I tend to think of myself as hyper imaginative sometimes, just based on the ideas that pop into my mind, and even the type of things I dream, (I once had a dream involving traveling to another planet, taking a tour of space, having the ability to fly, and getting chased by a dinosaur that ended up with me finding a fairy taking care of a giant squid that was about to give birth. My dreams bring me endless joy). But I digress.

I've been inspired by some interesting things. A television commercial, an overheard phrase...I got an idea once from an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (had nothing to do with vampires though), and my latest novel was inspired by something I remembered about the Tale of Genji. I've also had inspiration come to me while I'm just lying around. This morning I was just lying in bed when my mind took off a story. Who knows, maybe it will turn into my next novel. Since finishing my last book I've had ideas come to me, all of which I've written down, but none of which gripped me enough to delve into a new book. This new bit of inspiration may just be different and intriguing enough to get me writing. We'll see!

Anyone had inspiration come from something really strange or unlikely?