Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Affairs of the Dead - Nine days til release! + Blog Tour Info

My excitement is growing because my debut novel, Affairs of the Dead, is set to come out on April 19th, that's only ten days away now! I've seen my cover draft and am happy with it, and I hope to be able to reveal it soon. Meanwhile, starting tomorrow, I will be guest blogging on a few blogs over the next few weeks, here's the schedule:

April 11th - Anne Lange
April 17th - Ally Shields
April 24th - Marie Carhart
April 24th - Niecey Roy
April 29th - Fel Wetzig
May 3rd - Shehanne Moore
May 8th - Marie Hall
May 14th - Antonia Vanzandt

I hope you will all follow along with my tour. And if anyone would like to host me on their blog or do a blast post for Affairs once it's released, feel free to contact me!

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