Monday, March 25, 2013

My So-Called Teenage Life Blog Hop

This sounded like a fun blog hop to take part in, hosted by Andrea, Christa, and Amy, even though a lot of things I wrote during my teenage years I would never want to see the light of day! I started keeping a poetry journal my sophomore year of high school, so there's quite a log of terrible poetry for me to choose from. And for every ten cringe worthy pieces, there's one passable piece, like the following, written when I was about fifteen:

Porcelain Doll

Eyes that never see,
lips that never smile,
never will you dream,
or ever learn to cry,
for you are just a porcelain doll,
your arms stretch out
but you embrace no warmth at all.

Always you stand in beauty for my sake,
lest one day the wind blows
and my ivory doll breaks.

Then you will only have
a scattered existence,
my porcelain doll,
the only one I've ever known
to live and die
and not cry at all.

Well, that was a fun trip down memory lane!


  1. That's great!- thanks for sharing :)This has been a fun blog hop- Loving all the emotional teen poems and entries.

  2. Love how she stood in beauty for your sake!

  3. Ooh, I like! I had lots of dolls growing up and actually have many pre-teen and teenage diary entries about my dolls -- ha ha! Maybe next blog hop. :D

  4. I really like this poem - so depressingly moody and perfectly teen. I wrote in a similar vein... everything sadness. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I just can't get over how deep and serious we all were back then. Damn those ridiculous teenage hormones!

  6. not too bad. i wouldn't have anything i could publish from my teen years without violently cringing.