Sunday, January 6, 2013

Flashback Blog Hop

To help Fel Wetzig celebrate her blog anniversary, I'm participating in her Flashback Blog hop where we're supposed to look back on our blog posts for the last year and find something we'd like to share (or re-share I guess!) I choose a piece I wrote for Rachael Harrie's Platform Building Campaign last March:

Silence fell through my Hands and Crashed at my Feet
We sit here together, and the only thing to cover us and keep us safe
is something that’s also on its way to decay.
We’ve become monsters who can only hide in the shadows
while children who can still dream play in the sun.
A long time ago the bubble burst and there was nothing there to catch us
so we shattered into a million shards.
Like forlorn souls, we sift through the wreckage
trying to find pieces of ourselves, but we’ve fallen too far.
I close my eyes as you stroke my hair, 
but instead of darkness, all I can see is fractured light;
a memory of all the things we let fall through our hands.

Looking forward to reading everyone's flashbacks!

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